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[Sep. 17th, 2008|07:07 pm]
Superhero Stamp: Find Your Inner Hero!


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Name: Kate
Previous stamp: Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde
Astrological sign: Cancer
Ideal occupation: Criminal Justice Lawyer or FBI Agent

Likes: Comic books, recycling, lulz, my fandoms/'ships, mythology, studying law and criminology, Robert Downey, Jr., sci-fi, Joss Whedon, internets, riding my bike, sexuality, soda, batshit crazy horror movies, Photoshop.
Dislikes: Filling out tax forms, littering, when people put paper towels and tissues in the recycling bins, people who yell shit from their cars, people who speed to look cool (you look like a colossal douche), Joel Schumacher, Twilight, when people mess up the comics for the movie, being looked down upon, all forms of prejudice, douchebags, having to see cheerleader vag at every pep rally/impractical use of skirts.

Heroes & Villains

Favorite hero (why?): Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde. I see her as a realistic element in an unrealistic situation. Kitty's a normal girl (powers and ninja-brainwashing aside)- she gets angry, excited, happy, depressed. Her heart gets broken, she mourns for those lost, she comforts friends and celebrates victories. And, like I said in my regular app, I see a lot of myself in her (and apparently you guys agreed X3). She does what she thinks is right, and she stands up for those same principles. And it doesn't matter who she's talking to- Kurt, Piotr, Scott, the Professor, Logan, the President- she'll tell them what she honestly thinks! And on that note, she thinks. She's not there to dress in revealing outfits to distract the guards. She's got something to bring to the table, whether it be her amazing mutant ability or her thoughts, ideas, or intelligence.
Least favorite hero (why?): Supergirl. First, I think she undermines Superman as a character and is overall pretty much useless. If you've read her book, she's a whiny, bitchy, stupid whore who dry-humps pretty much anyone she comes into contact with (except Clark, who she bitchily tells to stay away from her). She acts nothing like a person and dresses like a hooker. Mind you, I have no problem with sexy characters, or characters who indulge in their sexuality, but the way she does it isn't sexy- it's just skanky. Ugh, I hate her so much.
Favorite villain (why?): Scarecrow, from Batman. Ridiculous costume aside, Crane makes for a really intriging character. He's someone who's just so into something, that he'll commit criminal acts in order to study it. And that trippy fear gas is awesome, in its evil way. Arcade is another favorite, because I think what he does is rad, too. He forces people to play a crazy game in which the price of losing is their life. Murderworld is a visually fascinating place. Two-Face, Joker, Magneto, Mastermind, Dark Phoenix, Catwoman, and Deathstroke are also among my favorites.
Least favorite villain (why?): Any of the really, really ridiculous villains. A lot of them are from the Golden/Early Silver Ages and I guess it's because I didn't really grow up in the time they were written, but they were really, really lame. I'm talking Walrus, Calendar Man (The Long Halloween notwithstanding, he was awesome in that), Weather Wizard. That kind of campy shit. I like villains that I can take seriously, and that pose a threat! Oh, and Penguin. Goddamn it he's annoying. He's just a short, fat man with an annoying laugh who loves birds. Fuck that.

Rambly mod is rambly!!

Well, "evil" is a bit subjective.

Why would you become a villain?: I'd probably be more of an "accidental villain", as in I mean well, but the way I go about doing it isn't viewed as "right". Like, I believe in something, and I'm just willing to take it that far.
How would you go about your villainy?: Just some standard espionage, nothing too flashy. Use my powers to get in places to get information to fight my good fight. No killing, though.
Do you have a theme of some sort?: Nah.
How about a costume?: Probably the same as the one I described in my regular app: Probably jeans, t-shirt, chucks, and a domino mask. I'm all about comfort. Oh, and maybe a cardigan when it's chilly. Maybe some goggles instead of a domino mask.
How do you feel about team-ups?: If they believe in my cause, sure. Otherwise, not so much. And if there were others, we would all probably work separately or in pairs, gathering and doing other tasks. And we'd meet up later.
Define "evil" in your own words: Doing something to harm others, and fully meaning to do it. Something that should be fought, be is so subjective that it's hard to pinpoint a target.
Can you see yourself more as a (pick one from each set and explain)...

[ x ] super powered villain
[ ] non-super powered villain

I want powers!

[ ] against a super powered hero
[ x ] against a non-super powered hero

I like polarity, and besides, I wouldn't use my powers to kill them or anything. Just push them away. "Gently" is more optional.

Blasters or Lasers This or That

Creative or uniform?: Creative. I do what I want!
Cooperative or stubborn?: Cooperative. And that's just because I'm not stubborn... and not really either, I don't think.
"Go get 'em" or "go with the flow"?: Depends on the amount of passion I have for something. And those "something"s are limited, so "go with the flow".
Hot or cold?: Cold.
Think or feel?: Feel. I'm impulsive, and don't think things through.
Vague or clear?: I'm vague, I suppose. People just don't get me.
Sight or sound?: Sight.
Adventure or security?: Adventure!! Security is nice, but it's... boring. Give me an isolated, rented cabin in the woods over my own Beverly Hills mansion any day.

I believe in...

Pick one out of each set that appeals most to you (and it'd be nice if you would briefly explain your choice):

[ ] Logical appeal
[ ] Emotional appeal
[ x ] Sex appeal

Despite the fact my morals would prevent me from getting something done like this at this point in my life, it certainly appeals to me. Sexual appeal calls to animal inside a person- sure, animal instincts could be a form of logic, but not like we use and know it. And not to say that animals don't feel, either, just not like we do, again. Raw, unattached sex does not know logic and oftentimes does not know emotion. It would love to provoke that kind of reaction in someone. I'm terrible, deplorable, I know.

[ x ] Courage
[ ] Wisdom
[ ] Power

I can't rightly say, though it might appeal greatly to my adventurousness.

[ ] Tactics
[ ] Physical strength
[ ] Stealth
[ ] Mentality
[ ] Power
[ ] Seduction
[ ] Will
[ ] Cunning
[ x ] Faith

Sometimes, you just gotta believe.

Do you have a gender preference for your stamp?: Nope!
Anything else?: Thanks for being a part of the comm, guys! :D And remember to specify which person you're talking about if a codename has been used by more than one person!

[User Picture]From: androgyneninja
2008-09-20 12:47 am (UTC)
I can see the Selena Kyle/Catwoman thing, since she's uses her sexuality to her advantages sometimes and she thinks on her feet more times than plans stuff out.
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[User Picture]From: shineaurorarose
2008-09-21 12:57 am (UTC)
Selina Kyle/Catwoman most definitely. AND I'm not a huge fan of Supergirl either. =/
(Reply) (Thread)
From: spidey_curved
2008-09-21 02:47 am (UTC)
Selena Kyle/Catwoman, for all the same reasons as previous posters. I think the thing that jumped out the most was the sex appeal, when someone says that (in relavance to villians) I always think Catwoman...>>
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: rage_virus
2008-09-21 03:28 am (UTC)


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