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Superhero Stamp

find your inner hero!

Superhero Stamp: Find Your Inner Hero!
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Get rated as the superhero you're most like!
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wicked_rating - A Wicked rating community
greekmyth_stamp - A Greek mythology rating community

Rules aren't my favorite, but we need some law and order around here!

Regular stamps
1. No flaming, bashing, insulting, or sippin' that Haterade.
2. No character pushing. We can tell when you're doing it, and it's not fun.
3. Please don't have unrelated side conversations. I'm all up for making new friends, but it interferes with tallying the votes!
4. Bold your votes. If you don't know how to bold, put it in the comment subject line.
5. Just so I know you read the rules, put the word "spandex" in your subject line.
6. Keep in mind that these stamps are superheroes- specifically ones from comic books. So, if they originally appeared in a comic book, you're golden (the only exceptions to this rule are: Laura Kinney/X-23, Renee Montoya/Question, Angelica Jones/Firestar, and Adrianna Tomaz/Isis). This means no Buffy, Heroes, or anything of that sort. I love them, too, but it's not what this comm is about.
7. Put your application behind an lj-cut.
8. If a codename applies to more than one person, please specify which one you're talking about! For example, if you think someone is like Hal Jordan, do not just put "Green Lantern". The codename has been used by four other men- not to mention it's a whole corps of people/beings!

1. Have fun!
2. Keep voting even after you've been stamped! It really helps out, and it might help you stay on alert for the always-fun theme stamps.

Restamp Policy
Please wait at least one month before applying for restamp. Make sure you put who you were previously stamped as, and why you think they're not like you.

Since I wanted to get this comm running, and there are hundreds of superheroes, I don't quite have all the stamps yet. If you feel that a person fits a character, do vote for that character- don't be discouraged by the lack of stamp! I will make one! Promise!

You will be stamped after one week, or after you get five identical votes. Whichever comes first.

The application can be found under "website". It's up at the top of this page. ^^