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Application! - Superhero Stamp [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Superhero Stamp: Find Your Inner Hero!

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Application! [Aug. 28th, 2008|08:49 pm]
Superhero Stamp: Find Your Inner Hero!


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[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]


Before you do anything, please provide at least three links to unstamped applications you have voted on! (This may be waived if everyone’s been stamped, or there are less than three to vote on):

xx I made a promise… xx




Occupation (And do you like it? What would you like to do?):

Astrological sign (And do you think it applies?):


xx You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry… xx







What makes you the most…







xx With great power… xx

 What’s your favorite/ideal superpower? Why?:

Who’s your favorite hero? Why?:

It’s okay, lots of us have fictional crushes. Do you have one? Who is it, and why are you so sweet on them?:

Is there anyone you really admire? Who and why?:

Would you use your powers strictly for business… or would you find more- let’s just say creative- uses for them?:

What would your costume look like?:

What would your arch nemesis be like?:

Would be a part of a team? Do you have a certain one in mind?:


xx Then you know, justice has two sidesxx

 Superman or Batman?:

Captain America or Iron Man?:

Brawn or beauty?:

Leader or follower?:

Shy or outgoing?:

Black or white?:

Meat or vegetables?:

Secrets or lies?:

Courage or wisdom?:

Forgiveness or revenge?:

Cruel or kind?:

Optimistic or pessimistic?:

Serious or silly?:


xx With you, it’s just a gamble… xx

 If someone begged you to kill them, would you do it?:

You meet an alternate universe version of yourself. How do you react?:

Apocalypse time. What do you do first?:

Lex Luthor is having lunch just a couple yards away from you. What do you do (if anything)?:

Your best friend has been badly disfigured and rendered mentally unstable (á la Harvey Dent). He/she is about to kill someone! What do you do??:


If you could only save one of these people, who would you save? Please explain your answer:

[  ] The ten-year-old pancreatic cancer patient (note: this type of cancer only has a 95% survival rate five years after diagnosis)

[  ] The kind old man

[  ] The alcoholic pregnant woman

[  ] The single father who gambled away his son’s college/trust/savings fund

[  ] The eighteen-year-old prisoner (note: he would be released)


Which sin are you most guilty of?:

[  ] Pride

[  ] Envy

[  ] Lust

[  ] Gluttony

[  ] Wrath

[  ] Sloth

[  ] Greed


Anything else?: