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Stamped as Molly Hayes // Villians Theme! - Superhero Stamp [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Superhero Stamp: Find Your Inner Hero!

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Stamped as Molly Hayes // Villians Theme! [Sep. 20th, 2008|09:03 pm]
Superhero Stamp: Find Your Inner Hero!


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Name: Allyson
Previous stamp: Molly Hayes
Astrological sign: Leo
Ideal occupation: Journalist, Author

Likes: Reading, writing/working on a story, Doctor Who, singing in the car to Disney songs/Broadway, cooking, my friends, the color blue, stars, Sleeping Beauty, Disney World, traveling to places both old and new, going out to eat, photography, lakes, theater, Harry Potter, sleeping in on the weekends (especially if it's rainy outside), thunderstorms, Conan O'Brien, movies, Friends
Dislikes: Tomatoes, birds, awkward situations (that's one way to get me to leave a room, anyways), rudeness, cowardice, dishonesty, anything with a stinger.

Heroes & Villains

Favorite hero (why?): That's tough since I tend to garner appreciation for all heroes. But I'll say Superman if only because I have loved him since I was little (and I was brainwashed by my mother whose loved him since she was little). I love the whole story behind Superman, the mythology and whatnot. I love his virtues. I love his love for Lois Lane ect, ect. I could go on but I won't gush. He gets a bad rap for being too powerful but...as I usually say...he's only Superman on Earth. On Krypton, he's just a regular joe (well he would've been if it hadn't blown up and stuff, lol).
Least favorite hero (why?): Hm. Incredible Hulk. I just...can't care about him for some reason.
Favorite villain (why?): Hm. Lex Luthor. He's pretty awesome. And, for some reason, I've always liked Poison Ivy. I can't really say why.
Least favorite villain (why?): Green Goblin. Meh. That's all I have to say about him. Meh.

Well, "evil" is a bit subjective.

Why would you become a villain?: I would need to be severely pissed off and betrayed. So, in short, revenge. I would give in to my temper and hurt those who hurt me.
How would you go about your villainy?: With flair, of course. Lol. Seriously, I would be one of the sarcastic villains who just doesn't shut up. Think The Master from Doctor Who without that bag of crazy. In other words, I'd be gleeful with my villainy but I wouldn't lose my mind. Also, I think I would know exactly what I was doing and I would be unapologetic (because above everything else, I'm honest). As to how I would go about it, it would be a completely mental situation for me. I'd want to break them mentally in order to get what I want from them. That's much more painful than anything physical.
Do you have a theme of some sort?: Like a song? Haha...something dramatic most likely.
How about a costume?: Nah. As long as I look good, I don't care. I'd want to blend in.
How do you feel about team-ups?: As a villain, I would work alone with the exception of a few lackeys. I'm pretty narrow-minded when I'm angry.
Define "evil" in your own words: Evil is in us all. As humans, we have dark and light sides. We shouldn't run from our own darkness but recognize and learn to see it as what we are. We can embrace either side but, ultimately, evil exists in us.
Can you see yourself more as a (pick one from each set and explain)...

[ ] super powered villain
[X] non-super powered villain
Since my primary push towards villainy is due to anger and revenge, I feel as though I'd be fueled enough by that more so than any powers. That and my wits would be enough.

[ ] against a super powered hero
[X] against a non-super powered hero
Hmm, let's even the odds. But, in all actuality, it wouldn't matter. It only depends on who betrayed me.

Blasters or Lasers This or That

Creative or uniform?: Creative
Cooperative or stubborn?: Stubborn. Heck, I'm stubborn when I'm not a villain.
"Go get 'em" or "go with the flow"?: Go with the flow. I'd roll with the punches more than likely.
Hot or cold?: Cold until provoked.
Think or feel?: Feel.
Vague or clear?: Clear.
Sight or sound?: Sight.
Adventure or security?: Security.

I believe in...

Pick one out of each set that appeals most to you (and it'd be nice if you would briefly explain your choice):

[ ] Logical appeal
[X] Emotional appeal - I'm ruled my emotions. There's no denying it. I give back everything ten-fold when I'm angry.
[ ] Sex appeal

[X] Courage - Courage can push you to move mountains.
[ ] Wisdom
[ ] Power

[ ] Tactics
[ ] Physical strength
[ ] Stealth
[ ] Mentality
[ ] Power
[ ] Seduction
[ ] Will
[X] Cunning - I rely on this mostly. It would be my strength.
[ ] Faith

Do you have a gender preference for your stamp?: Nah.
Anything else?: Nope! Thanks for the votes!

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[User Picture]From: androgyneninja
2008-09-22 02:40 am (UTC)
I'm going with Riddler .
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